Chesterfield & St. Louis Metropolitan Area Mediation Services

America is a fairly litigious society. At times, lawsuits and going to court are necessary. The law is, after all, the accepted means of achieving justice. Nevertheless, it is also true that many litigants find the legal process to be emotionally and financially draining. It can take years to navigate through the courts to receive a verdict. Consequently, the parties have to spend money that they could perhaps use better elsewhere.

If litigation isn’t the answer to resolving your disputant then working with a Reliance Financial Services mediator may be your best option. The ultimate goal of mediation differs from that of the courtroom. A Reliance Financial Services mediator will sit down with all parties and work out an equitable settlement. Mediation utilizes a process that allows the parties to work together to reach a win-win resolution. The power of resolution resides with the parties – not with a judge.

Both individuals and businesses can benefit from utilizing mediation services.


Divorcing couples often seek mediation services. The stress and anxiety associated with the dissolution of a marriage can be avoided by mediation in lieu of traditional legal proceedings. Instead of lawyers attacking one another, on behalf of their respective clients, we create an environment where the spouses can sit down and actually work out a positive framework for their futures. The spouses, not a judge, are best equipped to define how best to move forward. By giving the power of resolution to the spouses they are more likely to move through divorce in a more peaceful and positive way.

Likewise, divorcing couples that utilize our mediation services will also be given the resources to evaluate the short-term and long-term impact of any proposed divorce settlement. It is through our divorce financial analysis services that we can put each spouses mind at ease by showing them just how they will be able to move forward financially. We show spouses that divorce does not have to be financially devastating. They are able to determine the most reasonable and fair resolution to the financial side of divorce – which is typically the matter that causes the most anxiety.


Relationships and reputations are the cornerstone of most businesses. Business owners may need to settle difficult situations with an employee, customer or business partner from time to time. Mediation, as opposed to litigation, is one alternative method for resolving those disputes. Mediation gives disputing parties a means to resolve disputes in a private and respectful way. Resolving disputes by mediation allows parties the opportunity to protect their relationships.

The process of mediation allows each side to present their respective position. The parties then work together, with the facilitation of a mediator, to arrive at solutions that address each party’s concerns. This method gives power to the parties and is a much more positive approach to resolving the dispute. Since problem solving by mediation creates a win-win situation it is often much easier for parties to maintain good working relationships with one another. This is because the parties work together to resolve the issues instead of against each other.

We at Reliance Financial Services know that preserving relationships is important. We also understand the importance for businesses to make the most of their money. When disagreements arise, aggrieved individuals want justice; yet, going to court often leads to the severing of ties and large legal bills. The battle to win can supersede the desire to remain friends or colleagues. For those in this type of the situation, the Reliance Financial Services mediation program proves a much better choice than court. There is a more positive and economical alternative to litigation when it comes to settling problems.

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