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Mediation, Divorce Financial Analysis, and Valuation Services in the St. Louis Area

Reliance Financial Services is a personal and business consulting firm supporting those in and around the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. We are dedicated to educating and supporting our clients in achieving their personal, business and legacy goals. Located in Chesterfield, Missouri, Reliance Financial Services is a comprehensive advisory and consulting firm. We specialize in many areas of finance including financial literacy training, financial coaching, divorce services, business services, and mediation.


We are a trusted mediatory agency that bridges the gaps dividing two or more parties from arriving at an equitable solution. In addition to the damage it does to the relationship between disputing parties, litigious disputes cost individuals and businesses a considerable amount of money in attorney fees each year. Many disputes escalate to the point of litigation simply because one side or the other believes that the courtroom is the only way to seek a resolution. We provide an alternative to litigation called mediation. Mediation gives the power of resolution back to disputing individuals who then seek to find a win-win solution. This approach saves both the relationship and money.

Divorce Services

Dissolving a marriage is never easy and dealing with the financial aspects can make it even more difficult and overwhelming. In a nutshell, we take the fear and uncertainty out of the financial part of divorce. We inspire our clients by educating them about their financial outlook and options. We empower our clients through proactive planning – which allows them to envision their best financial future. Enlisting our expertise during the divorce process helps to ensure that our client’s needs are met today, as well as in the future.

Business Services

Business owners also choose Reliance Financial Services. We work with our business clients as an objective, unbiased partner that will help them make the most of their money. We provide clients with:

  • Project-based services such as performing a one-time cost benefit analysis or building a standardized financial model that can be used within the organization.
  • Assistance developing annual budgets for businesses that do not have a dedicated finance professional within the organization.
  • Intensive consulting such as that associated with developing cost containment initiatives, performing risk evaluation and developing risk mitigation plans.

If your business can benefit from the help of an objective, unbiased financial partner then we are the team to be of assistance. We are particularly skilled at finding funds that can be reallocated elsewhere. For many businesses, it’s these funds that make a big impact on the survival or growth of the business.

Financial Literacy & Coaching

Those in need of financial literacy or coaching can get what they need at Reliance Financial Services. Just as we seek assistance from personal trainers, sometimes we need personal financial coaches as well. A personal financial coach can join you at any stage on your journey. A coach will learn about your current situation, future goals, and then develop a personalized action plan for moving you toward them. Sometimes all one needs is the right amount of external evaluation, and guidance, to see their financial dreams become reality.

If you need help getting the most efficient use out of all your financial resources please contact us today. We operate in Chesterfield, St. Charles, Ballwin, Ellisville, O’Fallon, Arnold, and the surrounding St. Louis Metropolitan Area.